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Alison Dunne
Alison Dunne is a Registered Nurse Division 1, and the Operating Theatre Co-ordinator at ARC Plastic Surgery. Following the completion of her training at the Alfred Hospital in 1984, Alison worked in operating theatres as a scrub, scout and anaesthetic nurse, in Plastic Surgery and in all other specialties. In 2000, Alison began working with Howard Webster in both his Melbourne and Shepparton practices. Now at ARC Plastic Surgery, her duties include scheduling and co-ordinating the operating lists, organising anaesthetists for surgery, and ensuring the availability of all equipment required for theatre. Alison also assists Howard Webster in the operating theatre, and liaises with patients as necessary to cater for particular needs.

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Keller Funnel for Breast Implants

By Alison Dunne, RN Div 1 & Operating Theatre Coordinator -

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The Breast Implant Registry

By Alison Dunne, RN Div 1 & Operating Theatre Coordinator -

Did you know that Breast Implants do not last forever? Breast implants, whether they be silicone-gel or saline-filled, may need to be removed and/or replaced due to a number … Read More